Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thanks for looking at this site!

My name is Dave Cronk. I am Rebecca's husband and Ethan, Grace and Sarah call me Dad!
I love my family and we all feel called to help and serve others. I have been searching for God's
direction in my (OUR) life. I feel God is asking us to stand in the gap and serve those in need.
Just as Christ has saved us, we are called to care for the least. We are called to help and to serve
Orphans. I, personally, feel God has plans for us to go out and help train children and prepare them for a faith filled and productive life. This means providing a home (does not mean all will be adopted), education, medical services, a place to worship and vocational training for life.

I am investigating what this means. If you feel called, please email me and let's talk about what God has in mind.

God Bless
Dave Cronk

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  1. I totally didn't know you guys have a blog now!! I'm always excited to see how God moves among us! Those eleven girls of ours made quite the impact, eh?